Young Scientists Articles


The green issues of postal industry in Europe

Petra Bachanová, Tatiana Corejová, Mária Rostášová (pp. 901 –  905)


Universities’ Impact on Regional Economic and Innovation Performance. A Hungariran Subregional Analysis

Zoltán Bajmócy, Miklós Lukovics, Zsófia Vas (pp. 906 –  923)


The Role of European Structural Funds for the Regional Development

Marcin Boborowski (pp. 924 –  930)


The Comparison of cluster support in Slovakia and selected countries of the European Union

Peter Burger (pp. 931 –  943)


Innovative potential and networking possibilities in life sciences

Veronika Černáková (pp. 944 –  950)


Investment attractiveness of the Czech Republic regions in a period of economic crisis

Milan Damborský, Gabriela Říhová (pp. 951 –  962)


The Segmental Categorization of Configurational Approach to Strategy Development

Vitaliy Smirnov, Yosyp Dankiv, Volodymyr Dankiv (pp. 963 –  987)


Effectiveness of Internet advertisement

Silvena Dencheva (pp. 988 –  994)


Spillover effects of public investments in Croatia

Drezgić Saša (pp. 995 –  1017)


Support policy in old-industrial regions – theoretical resources and case studies

Peter Džupka (pp. 1018 –  1025)


Modelling Quality of Life in Regional Centres

Petr Hájek, Veronika Hájková (pp. 1026 –  1038)


Learning Regions Identification by Unsupervised Methods

Veronika Hájková, Petr Hájek (pp. 1039 –  1050)


Building the New: On Joining-up and Inter-territorial Cooperation in Romania

Diana – Camelia Iancu (pp. 1051 –  1079)


Diffusion processes in the knowledge economy in terms of theoretical approaches

Emilia Imrišková, Zuzana Mravcová (pp. 1080 –  1084)


Sectoral background of urban–rural economic development inequalities in Visegrad Countries

Jeney, László (pp. 1085 –  1094)


Public space – opportunity or threat of the city

Táňa Karlíková (pp. 1095 –  1100)


Inter-communal Co-operation and Its Features: The Case of Slovakia

Daniel Klimovský (pp. 1101 –  1113)


An Agent-Based View of the Biotech Innovation System

Manuela Korber, Manfred Paier, And Manfred M. Fischer (pp. 1114 –  1132)


Changing spatial economic structure of East Central Europe - A historical review

Dániel Kuttor (pp. 1133 –  1144)


Human Capital and regional disparities in Slovakia

Ivana Kuzmišinová (pp. 1145 –  1151)


Reflection of the Demographic Change in the Spatial Planning of Slovakia

Zuzana Ladzianska (pp. 1152 –  1159)


The Relationship Between the Globalization and the Employment, in Particular the North Hungarian region

Katalin Lipták (pp. 1160 –  1169)


Corporate regional integration of new independent states

Lîsîi Tatiana, Ganea Victoria (pp. 1170 –  1174)


Geographical consequences of the economic crisis in Hungary

Hajnalka Lőcsei (pp. 1175 –  1185)


A critical analysis of sustainability indicators and their applicability on the regional level

György Málovics, Mónika Tóth, Judit Gébert (pp. 1186 –  1192)


Meeting of the Mission of Universities in Regions: Forms and Impact

Zdeněk Matěja (pp. 1193 –  1200)


Revitalisation approaches in the EU – Trends and Impacts related to Poland

Joanna Mendelska (pp. 1201 –  1210)


Composite Indicators in Regional Comparison of Science and Technology

László Molnár (pp. 1211 –  1222)


ICT Policy Practices and Options

Rudolf Pástor (pp. 1223 –  1229)


(De-) centralization of Slovenian political system

Uroš Pinterič (pp. 1230 –  1241)


The knowledge society brings growth in living standards

Tomáš Potkan, Alena Chrenková (pp. 1242 –  1247)


Convergence examinations in the European Union

Gábor Potvorszki (pp. 1248 –  1256)


Residential Market and Urban Planning in Transition. Case Study of Poznań

Adam Radzimski (pp. 1257 –  1261)


The role of the civil/nonprofit organisations in the local development policy

Adrienn Reisinger (pp. 1262 –  1280)


Application of project management methods in municipal project

Juraj Šebo (pp. 1281 –  1285)


The role of institutions in the knowledge transfer in the old industrial regions

Miriam Šebová (pp. 1286 –  1291)


Social Capital as Knowledge Facilitator: Evidence from Latvia

Guido Sechi, Dino Borri, Caterina De Lucia, Viesturs Celmins (pp. 1292 –  1305)


Public Administration Reform in Macedonia with Particular Focus on Decentralization Process

Agim Selami, Sonja Risteska (pp. 1306 –  1314)


Relation of Municipalities and Regional Competitiveness

Martin Sobotka (pp. 1315 –  1320)


Company valuation in terms of Slovak republic environment and the impact of innovation on the value of a company

Tomáš Šoltés (pp. 1321 –  1329)


The Necessity of Financing the Research and Development as a Basis of Creation and Implementation of Innovation in V4 Countries

Emília Spišáková (pp. 1330 –  1336)


Competitiveness advantage analysis as one method for cluster identification in regions

Jan Stejskal (pp. 1337 –  1346)


Realization of PPP Projects in the Slovak Republic

Ladislav Suhányi (pp. 1347 –  1354)


Universities in the Context of Regional Dimension

Jana Šuranová (pp. 1355 –  1363)


Analysis of Hungarian Energy Sector with Trend Calculation

Tekla Szep (pp. 1364 –  1370)


The Factors of Changes of Relative Location in Central and Eastern Europe

Gergely Tagai (pp. 1371 –  1388)


Development of services market in rural areas of the region (the case of Transcarpathia, Ukraine)

Miklovda Vasyl Petrovych; Tovt Kateryna Stepanivna (pp. 1389 –  1396)


Reasons of Commutation and Analysis of the Sources of Formation of Intraregional Population Movement Streams (by the Example of Zakarpats’ka Oblast’)

Yuliana Yaroslavivna Voloshyna (pp. 1397 –  1403)


Evaluation of Factors of Regional Competitiveness

Lucie Vrtěnová (pp. 1404 –  1412)


Contribution of Microsavings to Poverty Alleviation: The Case of Eastern Slovakia

Tomáš  Želinský (pp. 1413 –  1424)


Regional innovation strategies in V4 countries

Miroslav Šipikal, Jana Parízková (pp. 1425 – 1434)